Videos of T2D Exercises

All Qigong exercises should be practiced with a calm sense of heightened awareness.

1.Warm-up & Gentle Body Shaking Exercise:

…end with body tapping.


2. Energy Field Activation Exercise:

…end with body tapping.


3. Activate the Internal Power Station:

…end with body tapping.


4. Energy Centers Activation Exercise:

…end with body tapping.


5. PNS Nervous System Balancing Exercise:

…end with body tapping.





Large Universe Exercise, Part – I

This part – 1 is an instructional add-on. It includes a quick (high speed) familiarity of the movement of your palms/energy promoters, as well as how that movement relates to where on your body your awareness is directed.


Large Universe Exercise, Part – II

This part – 2 is the actual exercise as it is normally performed.

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