About Qireveal

 Qireveal guiding principle

Each Individual is their own best source for healthy mind, body and spirit.

Qireveal Mission Statement

Qireveal provides Yi Ren® Qigong bio-energy enhancement education services that enables individuals to achieve fulfillment of natural health to include robust physical health, higher consciousness and spiritual growth.

Qireveal offers

  • Yi Ren® Qigong classes…levels 1, 2, & 3.
  • Private instruction/classes for the above three “level” classes
  • Both private and classroom Instruction in the IQ&IM type-2 diabetes protocol for:
    • pre-diabetic individuals
    • individuals currently taking insulin
    • individuals who though not necessarily diabetic, but who wish to proactively lower their glucose levels and/or restore their insulin receptor sensitivity to a more youthful condition.
  • Private instruction/classes…for specific chronic physical health concerns including but not limited to:
    • cancer
    • arthritis
    • fatigue
    • lower back and other chronic pain
  • Private instruction/classes…for specific emotional issues including but not limited to:
    • anger
    • depression
    • fear, phobia


Qireveal is scheduling a 12-wk

Freedom from Type-II Diabetes

Class beginning Monday, May 1st.


is associated with the

Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicne (IQ&IM).

To leave questions or comments, you are invited to contact Qireveal (Dave Sinclair) using the following form. It will be great to hear from you.

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David Sinclair